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Bold Red. Video.

Sticklers for Strategy.

Champions for Creative.

Producing strategic, compelling
videos to exceed marketing
goals — it's in our DNA.

Video Marketing Demands
More than a Creative Director
and Production Team

Smart video marketing requires
brainy brand, marketing and
sales gurus. Strategic creatives.
The right video performance
& measurement tools. And
a crack analytics team for
knowing what's working and
what's not.

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Bold Red is a strategic video marketing and live streaming services company built for crazy-smart marketers who embrace the power of video.

Video Strategists.
Business Thinkers.
Addicted to Analytics.

We're brainy brand, marketing and sales strategists. Award-winning video production experts. Geeky, cool video marketing technology and multi-channel distributors. All addicted to analytics.

Who We've Worked With

Iams & Eukanuba Pet Foods ∙ Hobart Corporation ∙ Iditarod Sled Dog Race ∙ Cincom Systems ∙ Eagle Premium Pet Foods ∙ Domino's Pizza ∙ Continental Cablevision ∙ Bonakemi ∙ Vulcan Food Equipment ∙ YSI ∙ Cincinnati Bell ∙ Bank One ∙ Babolat Tennis String ∙ Mikesell's Potato Chips ∙ Dayton Airshow ∙ Dayton Chamber of Commerce ∙ Endavo Media ∙ Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance ∙ Wolf Cooking Equipment ∙ PSCU Financial ∙ Institute of Internal Auditors ∙ EWI Construction ∙ AK Steel ∙ Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) ∙ Angeles Commercial Real Estate ∙ St. Joseph Children's Treatment Center

What We Do

Strategic Video Marketing Plan Development

Developing a strategic plan for utilizing multiple videos for brand, marketing and sales across all platforms. Brainstorming, planning and mapping marketing videos to your customer sales funnel. This overarching plan drives all video marketing productions.

Video Monitoring, Reporting & Performance Analytics

Knowing the numbers. From video distribution and promotion to deep brand, marketing and sales insights. Making sense of viewer engagement data; using it to guide video production strategy and drive brand, marketing and sales results.

Video Planning & Goal Setting

Producing compelling videos to achieve business objectives requires brainy brand, marketing and sales strategists, solid planning, clear-cut goals, and a killer production team. Includes brand videos, explainers, thought leadership, testimonials, FAQs, product demos, video ads, interactive, personalized videos and more.


Today, marketing and sales teams can easily establish one-to-one, personalized connections with key prospects. Cut through the noise. Move the prospect closer to a sale. Create customized video messages that speak directly to your target customers. And it’s all scalable for even greater ROI.

Pre-Production, Production & Post

Offering the best in video brain-storming, concepting, scriptwriting, storyboarding, budgeting, location research & scouting, talent casting, directing, photography/camera, digital content, CGI, animation & motion graphics, editing, sound design, and more.

Live Streaming

Go live today. Anywhere. To any audience. Live stream important company or organization events directly to your website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or across multiple channels. No matter the event, or location, Bold Red GoLive has the right end-to-end solution for your unique live streaming needs. We make it easy and cost-effective to create high-quality, live streaming video.

Specializing In:

video marketing planning
explainer videos
product intros
personalized videos

Brand videos
thought leadership
case studies

product demos
Training videos
video email

video ads
sales support
live streaming

Don't Let Your Videos
Go Naked!

Layer on the video marketing tools.

A big-picture, strategic video marketing plan with clearly defined goals and objectives. Killer production team. Reliable measurements & metrics. And a crack video analytics team analyzing the results.

Without the right tools, your video is just plain naked.

Never let your videos go naked.

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